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Wristbands are An Event Planner’s Best Tools

June 4th, 2011

Wristbands: An Event Planner’s Best Tools

Whether you’re planning an event for 100 or 10,000, wristbands are an invaluable tool in making sure your event runs smoothly. In fact, whether you choose Tyvek wristbands, paper wristbands, custom wristbands, plastic wristbands, or vinyl wristbands, simply using these simple identifiers can alleviate a number of potential problems during your event. The versatility of wristbands means that you can use them anytime you need a visual identifier. Here are some examples of the myriad of ways you can use wristbands:

Age or height identifier: Wristbands can be used at venues to identify minors in order to prevent them from purchasing alcoholic beverages. They can also be used in amusement parks when there are height restrictions to certain rides. Tyvek wristbands have the advantage of being waterproof, and so can be used for water parks.

Admissions: When you use wristbands, you can sell day passes for events or amusements. Guests will appreciate not having to fumble for tickets, and workers will save time by easily identifying those who have paid for a pass. If you are holding a conference that spans several days, you can use wristbands of a different color each day so that registrars can tell at a glance whether the attendee is registered for a given day’s events.

Child-Parent Protection: Twin wristbands are ideal for situations where it’s necessary to identify parents of children. Daycare centers, preschools, and amusement venues for small children all need to ensure that a child is leaving with an adult who is his or her parent or guardian.

Group Day Trips: Whether it’s a school field trip or a day trip to a casino, it’s important to be able to identify those with your group. Being able to check wristbands ensure that the proper individuals are boarding the proper busses, and allow for an easy head count to make sure no one is left behind.

Commemoration: If you’re planning Red Ribbon Week at a school, you can issue wristbands to those students who pledge to participate. Likewise, you can use wristbands as a way for people who have committed to a cause or an ideal to self-identify.

Wristbands are made from a number of different materials, such as Tyvek wristbands, paper wristbands, plastic wristbands, and vinyl wristbands. Which material you choose depends upon your budget and the type of event you’re planning.

Best of all, wristbands can be easily customized. Although there are a number of preprinted wristbands on the market, you can order custom wristbands with the name of your company or event. Custom wristbands can also include bar codes, logos, and other special text.

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Wristband News

November 1st, 2009

Wristband News

Man tries to snatch child at health club – Child-care worker noticed immediately something was amiss 
BELLEVUE — Police fear a man tried to abduct a 5-year-old girl from the child-care area of Bally Total Fitness in Bellevue on Tuesday night. 

The child’s mother left her daughter with a child-care supervisor while she worked out at the fitness center at 3235 148th Ave. S.E. — between Bellevue Community College and Interstate 90. 

`A bunch of red flags’ 

Shortly after 7 p.m. a man approached the child-care supervisor and said he wanted to pick up his daughter. 

The girl was the only child under supervision at the time. The man didn’t use the girl’s name, and the supervisor is acquainted with her parents, so she was immediately suspicious. 

When the supervisor asked to see the man’s wristband parents are supposed to wear, “He said `I’m sorry’ and walked away nervously,” Bellevue police spokeswoman Marcia Harnden said. 

“There were a whole bunch of red flags,” Harnden said. 

The suspect is described by police as an Asian man in his late 20s or early 30s, about 5-foot-4 and 150 pounds with spiked bleached hair and brown teeth. The girl’s parents told police they don’t know who the man was. 

Bally uses wristbands as a safeguard against children being kidnapped. Both the parent who is exercising and the child being taken care of are given matching wristbands so child-care workers can confirm the child is going home with the right person. 

Suspect escapes 

The child-care supervisor immediately called police, but employees did not follow the man and do not know if he drove or walked off the Bally property. 

“Our employees are well-trained and made sure this was a non-incident,” said Dave Southern, spokesman for Bally Total Fitness. He declined to discuss details of the case. 

But police are treating this as a serious incident as they search for the suspect and try to prevent him from attempting another kidnapping. 

Police don’t know yet how the man got inside the fitness center or whether he is a member at Bally. 


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