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Protecting your revenue with wristbands is easy and will save and or make you money. We did a survey on a small park that was selling tickets for admission. This small park in Louisiana had around 75 to 150 visitors a week pay to view their unique animals through the 5 acre park. Each ticket cost $8.00 per person for full access. A few weeks ago we get a call from the manager to see if wristbands could be used for admission. Naturally we gave him the normal sale pitch on how much better they were than tickets. Wristbands, we told him would always be viewable by his staff and could not be transfered to another person without ruining the tamperproof area. OK, he says I will try it. 3 weeks later I get a call from Darrel the manager and he is totally pissed off. After calming him down, we find out that he is actually getting over 400 visitors a week to his animal park and he cannot believe that so many people were giving their used admission tickets away for others to use. The poor guy was just about to loose his job due to low admissions. The park now brings in over $3000.00 a week and its simple to see if anyone has tried to pass on the tamper proof wristbands. Needless to say this is just one of hundreds of feed backs we get from clients that were always blaming the economy for their low admissions sales to outdoor and indoor events. Wristbands work great, we believe in them and hope we have saved many companies and event owners the grief of loosing money they deserve for the hard work they provide to put on their events.

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