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5starreviewI gave you guys a 5 star review because I could no believe you could get me the wristbands same day. Not sure how you did it but it worked. My boss likes me again and said to use your company for wristbands from now on!  Best Dinah J.

Hi Dinah, I have to tell you it was not easy. We had to make special arrangements with FedEx to get through all those security systems they have now days. Looking back, it was all worth it to satisfy a customers needs. It really feels good to do a good job and have it all go perfectly. We have a really great crew working here and I’m proud to manage them. C.B. Manager


Could you give this to your production people?  I want to tell them how pleased we are with the quality and turn around time of our wristband order. Not sure why we put up with the last company so long. I understand how difficult production schedules can be so I truly understand. Thank you so much. Shelley.

5starreviewHi Bob,  Just wanted to send a note how good the Sparkle Plastic wristbands worked out. They were awesome. They worked great for our Cruise Ship. They looked just as good as new one week later. See you next year! Pam

5starreviewHi Cheap Wristbands, Just to let you know how I appreciate you getting the wristbands out late Friday, it’s good knowing that you also have a shipping location on the west coast. Saved my bacon. Jim

4starreviewI have a complaint, I need to order the Adult Medical ID Vinyl Wristbands but I need them in different colors. Why can’t you make me some in different colors other than white? Lisa  Hi Lisa, so very sorry we do not keep other colors of the medical Vinyl wristbands on hand. We can make other colors for you but we would need to make 10,000 to be able to be profitable. If we get enough complaints about this I’m sure we will add more to our inventory. Robert.

5starreviewHi Lee Ann, just got the new wristbands this morning and you were right, your quality is much better than the one we were getting. I’m sure the boss will want you use your company for future orders.
Thanks much, you made me look good today.
I really didn’t think you could do it, so many times I’ve had wristband rush orders that never get done when their suppose to. I was astonished that you were able to do such a good quality custom wristband with our Logo and text to us in one day. I am truly amazed and very thank full. You guys must have worked all night.
Thanks you so very much
Shelley Davis
Hi Shelley,
We do rush orders all the time and don’t  have any problems with getting them to our customers on time. The only problem we might have is the shipping company may run into a bad storms or have a break down that would be out of our control. Anyway, we appreciate your note to let us know that we are appreciated.
Thank you and Happy Holiday
5starreviewHi everyone at,
All of us here want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy New years! We started putting together our new schedule for next years wristbands and can’t Waite to see the new design you will do for us. Thank you for such good work and quick turnarounds all year long. I know were a pain in the you know what.
Best wishes Sandra
Hi Sandra,
Lee Ann here, thank you so much for all the wristband business in 09, were all ready to hit it hard in 2010 with new equipment and hot new designs.
Merry Christmas to you and your group and have a safe New Years.
Lee Ann
5starreviewJust wanted to let you know the wristbands for our church social worked great. We were able to raise more money this time because no one was able to sneak in. Kimberly D.
I been ordering wristbands form you guys for over 15 years and very satisfied. I have a tip for your online store customers. It took me a while to figure it out. The problem I had was when ordering numerous colors of the same items,  I always had to go back to the shopping cart and find the item again to add another color. The best way is after adding one color and adding to the shopping cart the number on the left allows you to go back to the same item to order more.  Just thought you guys should know. Love your wristbands. Dan H.
Hi Dan,
Thank you so much for your input. I will pass it along to the webmaster and see if we can add some directions about it.
5starreviewI guess I will never learn you get what you pay for.  We decided to buy this years wristbands from a cheaper source and we have been having nothing but problems. Snaps falling off, poor quality printing and missing wristbands. The purchasing department should have a new order in some time today to replace them. Thanks Lora T..
Hi Lora,
Thanks for the message, we may not be the cheapest but we sure are the best.
5starreviewWe want to thank you for the free wristbands you sent for us to keep track of the children in Haiti.
Hi Annee-Rita, We just hope our little part will make some difference.
All of US!

5starreview“Dear Bob,
The reason for this letter is to thank you and your staff for providing such professional service on our wristbands. We have always had superior relationships with your sales staff especially Lee Ann.
Best wishes Gene
Hi Gene,
Thank you for the kind email and especially for your continued business.
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