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Wristbands for Schools: The Sign of Excellence

October 16th, 2012

Teachers and other officers of schools have different ways of boosting up confidence levels of each student in different subjects. They are trained to be creative in all their lesson preparations and teaching presentations to stimulate learning and increase participation in class discussions and lectures. Different techniques were taught before our beloved teachers for them to be skillful and better assist the needs of all students in learning capabilities through different mediums; meeting only one purpose, which is to create and produce excellent students that would continue the visions and hope for the country. The wristbands for school are now being used by some teachers to tell the student that he or she performed well that day which can be in the form of vinyl wristbands and alike.

These are actually plastic wristbands, which is the common and regular type of material being used, sold, and purchased. It could come in various designs or can be custom-made as the one used in our country during the election campaigns. It is durable and lasting whereas it can be a sign of freedom and flexibility about issues and concerns being tackled within the country or any topics that promotes awareness and liberalization not just for the adults, but also for the youth of today. Simply stated, it is their mouthpiece in expressing their opinions and views.

These are being utilized for protection or security against any fictitious form of identification that can be done fraudulently. With the vinyl wristbands, you will be identified promptly and quickly especially if you are attending special events where security is at risks. This is used to identify anyone among the group or crowd. It has special lock features that can be transferrable from one person to another. This is especially true if you are attending a school foundation or activities where wristbands for schools are being implemented to protect students and other visitors that would be participating in a certain activity.

Aside from political aspect and school activities or events being held quarterly, monthly or on occasions where these admission wristbands are needed, it is also used if you are entering a theme park or a place where your tickets are in the form of paper wristbands. This is created since there are different people who come in and out of the entrance gate, where this unique identification could help any management of any theme parks in the world to protect their customers’ especially little children who cannot hold tickets at their age.

Others also use wristbands for party where it serves as an invitation that you are invited to attend a special event. This is a highest form of control to avoid gatecrashers who could also make an exact form of invitation, which is typically being done and given to the person invited to a party. These are all the different approaches where wristband is presented in ordinary culture or tradition where it is being emphasized, focused, and valued. There are different companies and manufacturers that would serve you greatly and offer cheaper prices ranging from colors and choices of the customers who would have an order of them. Let others know your identity in a verifiable manner of wearing them.

Wristbands for Schools


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We love the wristbands

March 19th, 2012

We are always interested in hearing your comments or suggestions about our wristband business so feel free to use our contact form.

5starreviewI gave you guys a 5 star review because I could no believe you could get me the wristbands same day. Not sure how you did it but it worked. My boss likes me again and said to use your company for wristbands from now on! Best Dinah J.

Hi Dinah, I have to tell you it was not easy. We had to make special arrangements with FedEx to get through all those security systems they have now days. Looking back, it was all worth it to satisfy a customers needs. It really feels good to do a good job and have it all go perfectly. We have a really great crew working here and I’m proud to manage them. C.B. Manager

5starreviewHi Lee Ann, Just wanted to let you know how happy we are receiving our wristbands for Red ribbon week on time even though I kinda dropped the ball getting the order to you so late. Your company did a really nice job and my principle has no clue I was late. Love you guys. Brenda

Could you give this to your production people? I want to tell them how pleased we are with the quality and turn around time of our wristband order. Not sure why we put up with the last company so long. I understand how difficult production schedules can be so I truly understand. Thank you so much. Shelley.

5starreviewHi Bob, Just wanted to send a note how good the Sparkle Plastic wristbands worked out. They were awesome. They worked great for our Cruise Ship. They looked just as good as new one week later. See you next year! Pam

5starreviewHi Cheap Wristbands, Just to let you know how I appreciate you getting the wristbands out late Friday, it’s good knowing that you also have a shipping location on the west coast. Saved my bacon. Jim

4starreviewI have a complaint, I need to order the Adult Medical ID Vinyl Wristbands but I need them in different colors. Why can’t you make me some in different colors other than white? Lisa Hi Lisa, so very sorry we do not keep other colors of the medical Vinyl wristbands on hand. We can make other colors for you but we would need to make 10,000 to be able to be profitable. If we get enough complaints about this I’m sure we will add more to our inventory. Robert.

5starreviewHi Lee Ann, just got the new wristbands this morning and you were right, your quality is much better than the one we were getting. I’m sure the boss will want you use your company for future orders.
Thanks much, you made me look good today.
I really didn’t think you could do it, so many times I’ve had wristband rush orders that never get done when their suppose to. I was astonished that you were able to do such a good quality custom wristband with our Logo and text to us in one day. I am truly amazed and very thank full. You guys must have worked all night.
Thanks you so very much
Shelley Davis
Hi Shelley,
We do rush orders all the time and don’t have any problems with getting them to our customers on time. The only problem we might have is the shipping company may run into a bad storms or have a break down that would be out of our control. Anyway, we appreciate your note to let us know that we are appreciated.
Thank you and Happy Holiday
5starreviewHi everyone at,
All of us here want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy New years! We started putting together our new schedule for next years wristbands and can’t Waite to see the new design you will do for us. Thank you for such good work and quick turnarounds all year long. I know were a pain in the you know what.
Best wishes Sandra
Hi Sandra,
Lee Ann here, thank you so much for all the wristband business in 09, were all ready to hit it hard in 2010 with new equipment and hot new designs.
Merry Christmas to you and your group and have a safe New Years.
Lee Ann
5starreviewJust wanted to let you know the wristbands for our church social worked great. We were able to raise more money this time because no one was able to sneak in. Kimberly D.
I been ordering wristbands form you guys for over 15 years and very satisfied. I have a tip for your online store customers. It took me a while to figure it out. The problem I had was when ordering numerous colors of the same items, I always had to go back to the shopping cart and find the item again to add another color. The best way is after adding one color and adding to the shopping cart the number on the left allows you to go back to the same item to order more. Just thought you guys should know. Love your wristbands. Dan H.
Hi Dan,
Thank you so much for your input. I will pass it along to the webmaster and see if we can add some directions about it.
5starreviewI guess I will never learn you get what you pay for. We decided to buy this years wristbands from a cheaper source and we have been having nothing but problems. Snaps falling off, poor quality printing and missing wristbands. The purchasing department should have a new order in some time today to replace them. Thanks Lora T..
Hi Lora,
Thanks for the message, we may not be the cheapest but we sure are the best.
5starreviewWe want to thank you for the free wristbands you sent for us to keep track of the children in Haiti.
Hi Annee-Rita, We just hope our little part will make some difference.
All of US!

5starreview“Dear Bob,
The reason for this letter is to thank you and your staff for providing such professional service on our wristbands. We have always had superior relationships with your sales staff especially Lee Ann.
Best wishes Gene
Hi Gene,
Thank you for the kind email and especial for your continues business.

5starreviewI was so frustrated waiting for my wristbands to arrive from ********* *******, they gave me a new excuse every time I called. I don’t get it, why would they take my order if they new they could not get them out in time? Needless to say were very nervous ordering from your company only having a short time to do it. I just want to thank you for getting them to us in time. We will use you for all future orders. Thanks Jerry M.

Hi Jerry,
So sorry to hear about your bad experience. I hope you don’t think all wristband companies are the same. Our goal has always been to offer great service and super quality wristbands.
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Wristbands for sale at

March 19th, 2012

Have you ever wondered “Where can I buy Armbands Custom Imprinted with my logo or just stock designs?” Now you know! has hundreds of design and colors ready to be imprinted with your own logo, text, or original artwork.

Stock or custom design, blank, screen printed, you’ve finally found the best source! Our Armbands are used by Fortune 500 and other companies around the world to promote products, brands, and events. We will custom design these Armbands with your logo, message and numbers. Armbands are great for corporate events, trade shows and employee parties! is your source for custom Armbands with special requirements because we have the expertise. We make your ideas and specifications come alive in endless combination of designs, materials, and colors. Manufactured by experts using the finest equipment and materials available. The quality and distinction of your promotional program will be assured. The excellent response you receive from your co-workers will be highly rewarding!

Our team of qualified expert designers and production engineers will make your customized order seem effortless. Quotations are produced quickly and completely, samples are in your hands before you know it, and production lead times are relatively short. Give us a try, you have nothing too loose. We guarantee out quality and turn around times.
Promotional items like Armbands can create impact for marketing and promotions that can’t be matched by paper brochures or other literature. Many items make unique promotional mailings, giveaways and handouts to promote your product, brand, image, or message for the best impressions.

Need wristbands fast?

here is the online wristband shopping cart


Call 253-671-9912

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Paper Wrist bands at

March 19th, 2012

Wristbands used to control admission and prevent anti-counterfeit ticketing, are ALSO a prime advertising spot for sponsors!

Advertisement and Marketing companies are always looking for a fresh and innovative way to make their products and services noticed, and desired. The best way to do that is to remain one step ahead, and always be the first to introduce the newest, flashiest advertising platform. As certain as that is, finding the “best” way, is far from easy. Two major factors to take into account: “Where is the advertisement, and how often will people see it?” and “How much does it cost?”. These two variables often battle each other for priority, and are rarely maximized simultaneously.

Wristbands are the solution. Wristbands are already in existence for most large (and some small) events like sporting arenas, concert venues and fundraising events, so implementing wristbands as an advertising tool is virtually effortless.


How often do you look at your watch? How often do you take a drink? How often do you write something down, or look at your phone? How often do you use your hands, for any function throughout the day? The point is, advertising on wristbands is the most promising place to be noticed by customers, and frequently. It is a 24/7, in-your-face marketing tool. Advertising on an admission wristband, initially intended for tracking attendance or verifying a ticket purchase, is a guaranteed way to reach your customers, and increase their view rates. And wristband manufacturers who use full color customization, are the ideal company to design wristbands for security, advertising and sponsorship. Wristbands that are customized to include discounted future visits, coupons to visit sponsors and “bounce back” incentives, are naturally going to increase traffic for future events and to sponsor locations, long after the initial event has commenced.


There are a variety of wristband styles, sizes and materials available that can vary the cost of each band dramatically. Most wristband companies will offer a wide range of wristband types to cater to every budget. Wristbands made of tear-resistant paper (Tyvek), plastic and vinyl wristbands, incredibly popular silicone wristbands, and even photographic and lenticular (animation) wristbands are commonly available with some wristbands starting at just pennies per band. And if the budget is still not flexible, subsidize wristband costs by advertising main sponsors and supporters on the wristband. Using wristbands as leading advertising space for them, and a virtually FREE security and admission wristband for the venue.

Whether event sites are currently using wristbands or not, it seems obvious to implement this tool for marketing, if not for increased security and revenue protection. And if using wristbands for one, why not save effort and money by utilizing the full capabilities of customized wristbands for all advertising objectives?


Promote and Advertise Your Event Logo, Products and Services Boost Revenues, Revisits and Repurchases!

When most people think of wristbands, they think “rock concert”, “water park” or “all-inclusive vacation”. And most people are right. Wristbands are typically used to identify customers who have purchased a ticket, registered at a resort or have access to special areas. Although these methods have worked efficiently for years, and people have grown to expect wristbands at venues like these, it seems one very valuable opportunity is being missed. Custom wristbands have limitless opportunities, and are not just effective for marking someone with “VIP” or “UNDER AGE”, but can easily include advertising, and promotional material. Many sports venues and concert tours pull in numerous high-paying sponsors to buy advertising space on billboards, beverage cups and projector screens. As much as these methods can be successful, the existing wristbands that are used for security and identification, that are looked at as often as a wristwatch, are being ignored as advertising space.

Custom wristbands that are used at events like these are often kept for years by visitors, as a memento or keepsake, so knowing that the bands aren’t going to be cut off and thrown out once used is just another reason to apply them as a marketing tool. Some companies use the wristband customization forum to print bounce back opportunities for their customers, suggesting that their “next visit” will be at a discounted rate. For sponsors, using wristbands as a coupon or discount voucher will drive business, after the event, to their locations to redeem their wristband for free or discounted product and services.

The sponsorship portion of customized wristbands is also beneficial for groups and organizations that require an identification system for admission, but don’t have the budget or funding to do so. Making the wristband an advertising platform for major sponsors is an easy, cost-effective way to tackle marketing, and security.

Wristband companies typically offer a wide range of wristband options, and seasoned manufacturers are able to provide full customization services. From paper wristbands (Tyvek), to plastic and vinyl bands, even 3D animation wristbands and full-color photographic wristbands, industry-known manufacturers have custom wristbands for every budget. A good wristband producer will also be able to provide documentation showing that they follow all North American product standards, including lead-free inks and the latest CPSIA standards.

Frequent wristband purchasers that were typically ordering bands to identify guests, have started to include sponsor information, websites and logos. If they are customizing their wristbands for security, why not take advantage of all that advertising space, too?

Order online for fast service


Call 253-671-9912

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Paper Wristbands Cheaper at

March 19th, 2012

If you want to appear fashionable and want to give a dynamic look to your personality then wearing wristbands are among the options which you cannot overlook. There is lot of craze regarding various types of wristbands available in the market now-a-days.

If you are among the people who are associated with a noble cause or want to create some awareness about an issue then also wristbands prove to be a better way to do that. People wish to wear different kinds of bands to have their own presence. If you are happy with wristbands which are well designed as well as supportive then you can go for plastic and paper wristbands.

There are several reasons due to which people give precedence to wristbands. They are available in different colors and designs, they are eye-catching, and do not require much care. Another best thing is that if you want to gift something special to your beloved one then wristband can be an ideal option for you.

It is a fact that most of the people give priority to paper and plastic wristbands due to different reasons.

I.      Large variety: these kinds of wristbands are available in different colors, shapes and patterns. It will be quite easy for you to make a better selection from the available plastic and paper wristbands which suits your personality as well as the prevailing trend of fashion.

II.       Easy customization: it is not a hard task to customize plastic wristbands according to the features demanded by the customer. It is a fact people have their own likes and dislikes and with the help of better customization it is not necessary to go with the available varieties only.

III.      Easy to care: the best part of going for plastic wristbands is that they can provide best results without putting much care. These wristbands do not require any kind of repair or maintenance for a long period of time.

These are some of the features which you can enjoy while going for plastic and paper wristbands. But it is imperative that you should deal with a provider which is capable enough to offer you finest results in no time. If you are looking for one such option then you are at the right place. Here, visiting the site cheapwristbands can prove to be a prudent act for you.

There are some of the reasons due to which cheapwristbands can prove to be a remarkable choice for you while going for paper wristbands and plastic wristbands. Some of the reasons are highlighted below.

  1. Great variety in colors: cheapwristbands offers a high range in paper and plastic wristbands. With this site you can get in touch with various colors and patterns and select one according to your own choice. Some of the colors available include aqua, black, neon pink, purple, yellow glow, red, white, silver, etc.
  1. Reasonable rates: cheapwristbands is a site which believes in offering premium quality wristbands at the most reasonable prices existing in the market. You can make a price comparison but it is fully assured that you will get an anticipated deal with this site only.
  1. Discounts: with cheapwristbands you can also enjoy additional 10% discount on wristbands. You are just required to add a link from your own site to the company’s site and avail finest discounts in no time.

Order Cheaper Wristbands online

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Tyvek Wristbands From Cheapwristbands Give Unique Identifications

March 18th, 2012

People have been using the wristbands as the unique gift item for several years. The colorful pattern of wristbands was mainly liked by the teenagers. But that was just the thing of past.

Now the wristbands, mainly the Tyvek wristbands are preferred by people of all age groups. They are not only popular as attractive gift items, but their use is now increasing in various other important areas as well.

This is mainly because it is considered to be an incorporated part of fashion. If you are a true follower of fashion then it is important that you should go for something which is unique as well as remarkable. Selecting finest wristbands is not a daunting task. If you are among the people who are fond of Tyvek wristbands then there are several providers available online.

Believe it! Dealing online for the fashionable products can be highly productive as well as fruitful for you. By visiting a recognized online store it will be quite easy for you to make proper selection from wristbands available in various colors, designs, sizes and patterns.

For making out best selection from different kinds of wristbands including highly popular Tyvek wristbands there is an exclusive option available for you here. If you are looking for some of the most unique collection of wristbands which you are not familiar with till now then it is advisable to visit site cheapwristbands.

If you decide to visit this site then it is not going to be an ordinary decision taken by you. There are some of the reasons due to which this site is believed to be a spectacular choice for the visitors who wish to get in touch with a superlative collection of bands. It is really important for the people who not only wish to follow the recent trends of fashion but also want to create an impression in front of their friends and relatives. For a real lover of wristbands, cheapwristbands is an inevitable option.  This is because of the following reasons.

Wide collection: if you are looking for optimum collection of Tyvek wristbands then cheapwristbands is the right place for you to visit. Here you can make a choice from Stock wristband patterns, Pinfeed Wristbands, Bar Coded Wristband, Custom Wristband, Standard Tyvek Colors, etc. the collection is not confined to Tyvek wristbands only. You can also find best of the collection in Plastic Wristbands, Vinyl Wristbands, Silicon Wristbands, etc.

Goodwill: cheapwristbands is a site which has its own goodwill in the market. It is not easy to maintain a sound goodwill in today’s competitive market. If cheapwristbands is doing the same then there will be something special with this site.

Different colors: cheapwristbands offers different Tyvek wristband colors to you. You can easily find wristbands in the colors like aqua, blue, N Sunfire, neon orange, silver, N lime, yellow glow, Lt Blue, gold and many other colors.

References: it is significant that you should go for the references that are available to you. When you ask regarding the best providers of Tyvek wristbands in the market then it is guaranteed that most of them will advise you the name of cheapwristbands only.

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Protect your revenue with wristbands from

March 18th, 2012

Protecting your revenue with wristbands is easy and will save and or make you money. We did a survey on a small park that was selling tickets for admission. This small park in Louisiana had around 75 to 150 visitors a week pay to view their unique animals through the 5 acre park. Each ticket cost $8.00 per person for full access. A few weeks ago we get a call from the manager to see if wristbands could be used for admission. Naturally we gave him the normal sale pitch on how much better they were than tickets. Wristbands, we told him would always be viewable by his staff and could not be transfered to another person without ruining the tamperproof area. OK, he says I will try it. 3 weeks later I get a call from Darrel the manager and he is totally pissed off. After calming him down, we find out that he is actually getting over 400 visitors a week to his animal park and he cannot believe that so many people were giving their used admission tickets away for others to use. The poor guy was just about to loose his job due to low admissions. The park now brings in over $3000.00 a week and its simple to see if anyone has tried to pass on the tamper proof wristbands. Needless to say this is just one of hundreds of feed backs we get from clients that were always blaming the economy for their low admissions sales to outdoor and indoor events. Wristbands work great, we believe in them and hope we have saved many companies and event owners the grief of loosing money they deserve for the hard work they provide to put on their events.

Need wristbands fast, click on the word wristbands

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Wristband coupons

March 18th, 2012

We get many request for discount coupons for our wristband online shopping cart. The best way to keep informed about new discount coupons is following us on twitter by clicking follow us on Twitter. or follow us on Twitter here.

Our discount coupons code for all our online shopping carts this month is 5490.

Online shopping cart

Cheap Wristbands

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Exclusive Party Wristbands? Go for the Wristbands Offered by

March 18th, 2012

Exclusive Party Wristbands

It is a universal fact that if you want to survive in the market then it is important that you should know how to catch the nerve of the customer. It is rightly applicable to fashionable products as well. When it is about following the latest trends of fashion then people prefer to go for various kinds of hot accessories.

The fashion industry has various dimensions and there are several ways available by which one can come under limelight by impressing others. One such way is to wear striking party wristbands.

There are a large number of wristbands available in the market in different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns.

It is true that the purpose of wearing wristbands is not confined to one reason only. There are different wristbands available in the market that are associated with diffeent ideas. Party wristbands as the name suggests falls in the category of party wear accessories.

There are a large number of stores available which are capable enough to offer good deal in various types of wristbands. But for availing best of the deals in party wristbands and other types of wristbands it is suggestive that you should look for a deal online. There are several benefits of seeking a store online. With the help of any of the recognized search engines it will be quite easy for you to end your search in a better way. All you are required to do is to insert the precise keywords in a search engine and look on the results that are offered to you.

If you want to know about a store without much effort, where you can avail the most remarkable collection of wristbands in no time then here is one site available for you. To get the foremost deal party and other wristbands online it is recommended to deal with cheapwristbands.

There are several reasons due to which you can make this site as your first choice. These reasons are stated below.

Ø      Wide range of wristbands: with cheapwristbands you will get an opportunity to experience the finest collection of wristbands available in the online market. In Tyvek wristbands you can shop for Pinfeed Wristbands, Wristbands with Stubs, Custom Wristbands, Bar Coded Wristbands, etc. In plastic wristbands you can purchase Sparkle Wristbands, Holographic Wristbands, Anti Bullying Wristbands, etc. You can also find reusable, medical and wristbands with slogans on them.

Ø      Wristband news: by visiting cheapwristbands you can also get informed with wristband news.  It is a kind of feature which is quite difficult to find out with any other site.

Ø      Site map: Another outstanding feature due to which cheapwristbands can prove to be an inevitable choice for you is that it is among the few sites which offer wristband site map for the convenience of user. Here, you can know about the features of each and every wristband with the help of navigation.

Ø      Supportive: it is a site which is capable enough to respond you in an instant fashion. It doesn’t matter whether it is about questions, orders or comments, you can avail the telephonic support offered by this site.

Ø      Save more money: if you are shopping for wristbands with an intention of saving more money then cheapwristbands is the right place for you to visit. By adding a link from your site to the website of this store you can get additional 10% discount of the party wristbands and all the other types of wristbands.

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New Soft Comfort Plastic Wristbands

July 3rd, 2011

Try Cheap Wristbands latest addition to their legacy wristband products. Soft Comfort plastic wristbands are a great addition to our plastic and vinyl wristbands already available. These wristbands are incredibly affordable and comfortable to wear for extended periods!

Available in highly popular sizes and 16 colors, Soft Comfort wristbands are a natural addition to Cheap Wristband’s already popular identification and admission control wristbands. Purchase your Soft Comfort wristbands as stock, or customize them to help identify groups, to promote sponsors, or to verify payment or age restrictions.

Soft Comfort Plastic Wristbands

Soft Comfort Plastic Wristbands


Click here to order online

or call:


for fast friendly service.

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